Thursday, December 27, 2012

July 2012 Oregon Family Vacation *Updated*

So Jed's company has a full company shutdown and makes everyone take a full week paid time off. I know sooo hard..but we managed. He worked 2 weeks straight barley even sleeping, in those 2 weeks he didn't even come home, just slept at the office. My poor husband, such a great hard worker! We are so lucky to have the best Daddy ever!!

So on Friday he came home at 3:00pm after not even coming home that night, and slept until 7:00pm.  We then went and started our VACA to the Pleasant Grove Swimming pool that my treated us too. There we "TRIED" to surf board and fell automatically on our tushies!! We PURPOSELY did not take any pictures of that. BUT we have some great pics of OTHER people hehe.

After that on Saturday I got to get a facial from my cute friend Rachel!! I haven't seen her since we went to Germany, (Yes I will post all about that later!) But it was so relaxing and my skin was soo soft! LOVE IT!! She also waxed my eyebrows and made them perfect!!!

We then took Katelyn to my Grandma's to Edwards birthday party and where she would spend the day with her Abulita! While the rest of us would go water rafting!! Now I have never been River Rafting and oh my goodness was that so much fun!!We went up to Morgon Utah, and went down that creek, I want to do that again. To show my adventoures side I got IN the water with Jed. It was FREEZING but after we numbed up it was good. We got into a splashing boat with the boat and it was so fun. Our whole family joined us, from both sides. We had the Crandells and the Ibarras, so it was sooo great!!

We then went to Park City to Pizza and Noodles and my dad treated us to dinner!! He said we could pick anything off the menu, Jocelyn asked...well Daba..can I have a Rootbeer Float? and he said....anything off the menu. Her little face...grining from ear to ear! We have the BEST BBQ pizza and Hawaiian ...the pasta ..oh my. Was so good!!

We then went home to start packing for our road trip. .....I'll do another post for that trip. Just because this is begining to be a long one! But number ONE thing I am going to have to do is SHOW my husband how to take pictures that are FLATTERING. He takes pictures of me while I'm bending down or my mouth WIDE open while I'm talking....or my hair is all messed up and he doesn't tell me. ahhh....he will be the death of me I tell you!!

The summary is .. We went to Portland, Slept at a hotel, Kate got sick, resturant- fish and fries...., antique shopping, Kate got a sand dollar, kids got rocks and beef jerky for free, Kids got coins for free, going to the beach the first time, going to cannon beach the second time. Reading books, forgetting sleeping bags, firewood, food, they had a costco, goodwill, audio books, car loaded....packed to the rim of crap. 15 hour drive, KOA camp amazing, flashlight, matches, oregon was amazing! trees, fresh air,
fourth of july with family.

AND...gotta go!! One day I will be able to blog more, but right now I'm doing things that make it so I CAN blog! =)


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