Thursday, December 27, 2012

McDonald Bliss *Updated*

Hello Hello... I am at Mcdonalds with a bunch of little cousins screaming and Bridger chasing them. Kate is with her daddy at home. While I have a WHOLE table to myself, with a Dr Pepper on one side, French Fries and a Cheese Burger with no mustard, pickle on the other, and in front of me, my mini laptop! This last hour has been heaven, I have blogged stalked people, checked FB, checked Email, texted a few friends and I am loving it. I might never go back home! I feel a little guilty being so obliviously happy while Jed is probably entertaining the baby this whole time. Meh...this is like the second time EVER she's not on my hip or hanging off my chi chitas (oh I SAID IT!)  =) Guilt is now gone.

But while blog stalking, I read this wonderful blog about a list of things she would do today. It was such a cute list and it made me realize how big of a list I have, and how some of the things on the list totally matter and how some don't. The more I'm realizing that life is to grow up to fast, and life goes full speed after you turn 21. (Before then I swear time was standing still!) So inspired by her blog, I will write my list....

I will.....

not yell....(again) today....

I will make dinner this week
I will take more pictues
I will do laundry
I will get a drink with a friend today
I will tell my husband I think he's the most sexiest man alive...its the truth!
I will NOT berate myself for the 5 million things I didn't get done today because its ok!
I will play the Wii with Bridger
I will listen to Justin Beiber songs with Jocelyn....( when did she learn about this boy!?)
I will nurse my baby
I will play with my sweet Kate and take a million pictures of her sweet little face
I will also take pictures of my other children
I will take a shower today...maybe.


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